2016 Update & two BIG announcements!

Since the end of 2015, I’ve had terrible headaches and migraines. Currently, they’re my biggest issue. They’re also really unpredictable; I’ve tried to figure out a pattern or link as to when they appear, when they don’t and when they get better, but I haven’t succeeded yet. They are one of the only pains i get that I can’t function through, and so I find my headaches/migraines currently my most debilitating problem. I still function really well, although I have headaches daily no matter what I do.

Tips for managing POTS


So I recently had a conversatio with an old friend who has been diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) since she had an opperation, so I thought I would do a summary of thigns that I've found help me with my sypmtoms. Keep in mind, some of these suggestions you'll need to try and do consistently as they can take time to have an effect, so don't give up straight away. 

Summary of what POTS is in non-medical terms

Managing migraines

So if you (like me) suffer from severe headaches and/or migraines you’ll know just how debilitating they can be. It's like they just take over your mind and stop you from functioning. I find I can't push through them or block them out like I can with most of my other pains. I’ve had headaches for most of my life, but low-grade. It wasn’t until 2014 that I regularly experienced severe headaches frequently and started to have migraines as well.

Insight into my invisible fight

This week is invisible illness awareness week, and also happens to mark 1 year since I started my blog (happy coincidence!). I usually make sure that my blog posts have a more positive slant than this, but I wanted to give an insight into my invisible flight and to raise awareness of invisible illnesses. I wrote this poem years ago, when my pain was dominating my life. It took so many things from me, it made me give so many things up and it made me change who I was. But over time I’ve been able to rebuild my life and improve my health.

Quinoa & Sweet Potato Salad with Avocado Dressing

I love making salads like this because you can pretty much use whatever ingredients you have and make it work! When making salads as a meal and not just as a side, I use these guidelines:

Choose a base (quinoa, rice, cauliflower rice, etc) - 1 cup

Choose a protein (tofu and tempeh for low FODMAP options, or chickpeas / lentils) - 2 cups

Choose any range of vegetables - 4 cups

Nothing like some chronic illness humour to brighten your day

I find talking with people who deal with similar health issues to me really therapeutic. I also know that talking about it other people can harder and a bit depressing (for lack of a better word) – it puts a dampener on the conversation. It's hard to try make people understanding without sounding really depressing. So doesn't always leave you feeling good. 

How I Juice

Since watching That Sugar Film by Damon Gameau I've changed the way that I juice. Or rather, what I juice. 

I used to juice veggies and one piece of fruit (per serving), but now I juice only the vegetables not the fruit. Instead, I mix a piece of fruit up in a blender and add it to my veggie juice.