Healthified brownies! These are completely healthy, tummy-friendly and fructose-free brownies. They were a huge hit with my family, even for those members who don't usualy enjoy my healthified creations - and I quote "they taste like chocolate lamingtoms". This was by far my achievement of the week. I initially made these using coconut sugar and normal gluten-free flour, but found that they still were too 'heavy' and made me feel a bit tired and sick. So I made this batch as tummy-friendly and healthy as possible (while still making them taste good of course).

Rice Crackers & Nut Butter

Easy & convienient snack: rice crackers topped with nut butter. I use the brand 'Mayvers' ( for their delicious, pure-state and no-added-sugar spreads!

The two different toppings for this morning's snack were:

1. Mayver's Peanut butter with white chia seeds and rice malt syrup

2. Mayver’s Almond, Coconut & Cacao spread with strawberries

Finding motivation in small things

I’ve been feeling really unwell the last few weeks, and as a result my exercise routine has suffered. To motivate myself to get back into it I used my lorna jane gift voucher my wonderful sister got me for my birthday! Here’s my work out clothes all set for this evenings work out. I layed my exercise clothes out so that I would be so temped to wear them it would just give me that little kick to get out and exercise.

Counting Spoons

I have only recently come across The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino, and already think it is one of the greatest things in all existence. It gives a simple yet effective way of explaining how it feels to live with and manage a chronic illness on a daily basis, for unless you have experienced it yourself it is almost impossible to understand. If you haven’t read it already, I truly recommend you do.

My Shopping System

For about a year now, I have been doing the weekly grocery shopping for my family, and have got quite a good system going.

Each week I order the household, pantry & dairy supplies online to be delivered to save time and energy, but I get the fruit & veg fresh (plus anything else I can’t get through the online shopping). 

My Exercise Box

I am all for the little things that make the big things easier. Especially when it comes to exercise. One of my most recent discoveries is that after sorting out my room and putting all my exercise equipment in a box, it became a little bit easier to get out of bed in he morning and do my exercises. Sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest difference.