2016 Update & two BIG announcements!

Since the end of 2015, I’ve had terrible headaches and migraines. Currently, they’re my biggest issue. They’re also really unpredictable; I’ve tried to figure out a pattern or link as to when they appear, when they don’t and when they get better, but I haven’t succeeded yet. They are one of the only pains i get that I can’t function through, and so I find my headaches/migraines currently my most debilitating problem. I still function really well, although I have headaches daily no matter what I do. I see a neurologist in the next few weeks, which I haven’t seen before, so I think that might have some good outcomes. It is comforting to know that there are more options out there.

My stomach is still an issue – I take pancreatic enzyme and acid tablets with every meal that help a lot. At the beginning of 2015 (around Easter unfortunately) I was vomiting a lot. I could hardly go through a meal without throwing up or feeling extremely nauseus. It wasn’t to do with the type food I was eating, and it lasted a long while. However luckily these tablets have helped a lot. They aren’t a long term solution though. I’ve been seeing a natropath recently and we discovered that my stomach just isn’t producing much stomach acid at all. Hence why I take a two hydrochloric acid tablets with every meal. My reflux has been getting better though. I’ve found that it only gets worse with wheat and refined sugar foods.

I've been seeing a new Physio weekly for the last 7-8 months, and that has helped so much. My exercise regime has never been better, and it's great to see someone who understands all my health problems and also listens to me. The work I do with her, i think, is the reason I'm back to such a high functioning level.

I’ve had a VERY social start to 2016. Apart from new years, where I spent the night in bed with a migraine, I’ve been so so lucky with the amount of social things I’ve been to. Lots of 21sts (my own 21st as well), shopping trips, sleepovers, movie nights and breakfast dates. I haven’t been able to do this since before all of this started. And I have such a wonderful group of friends who are so supportive and understanding, and also bucket loads of fun.

Next - I have two BIG announcements!

ONE: I have just started up my own business, aiming to help people who have similar issues to myself (connective tissue disorders, chronic pain etc). It is the reason that I am studying Physiotherapy, and I am so glad that even though I have 2 years left  of my degree that I get to start this work (as a Strength & Conditioning Coach). If you would like, have a look at my jessicabirt.physio website which describes it a bit more.

TWO: (I’m going to put this all in capitals) I AM STARTING DANCING AGAIN AS OF TODAY!! Words cannot describe how much this means to me. I honestly had shut out this part of me up until a few months ago, because it was so painful to think about. I had wanted to be a dancer, to perform in musical theatre, and so when 5 years ago I had to give it up I was heart-broken. I haven’t watched any dance performances, tv-shows, competitions etc because it was too big of a reminder of what I couldn’t do. Even 5 years on, I can’t believe how much it still hurt. And now I feel so overwhelmed and amazed that I get to call myself a dancer again.

I am so grateful for how my life has turned out. I know this is cliché – but I wouldn’t change it. This detour of 5 years has given my life so much purpose and meaning. I am going to be a Physio who will dedicate their career to helping people who suffered like I did. My mum already has and has helped so many because of her knowledge from me. And I aim to do the same through my blog as well. Because I have suffered, so many people have already been touched and helped. I can’t wait to see how fulfilling my life will be helping people like me each and every day.

Thank you for all your love and support.