Finding motivation in small things

I’ve been feeling really unwell the last few weeks, and as a result my exercise routine has suffered. To motivate myself to get back into it I used my lorna jane gift voucher my wonderful sister got me for my birthday! Here’s my work out clothes all set for this evenings work out. I layed my exercise clothes out so that I would be so temped to wear them it would just give me that little kick to get out and exercise.

I find that if my exercise routine is disrupted, even by just a week, it is harder to get back into it. So I’m all about finding the little things that make a big difference – bright and colourful workout gear (as pictured), a new exercise playlist, or going to the gym with someone motivating & understanding to your pace/level (I'm going with my sister tonight).

It’s important but also hard to know when to rest and when to go exercise, especially with a health condition that requires you to pace yourself – over-doing or under-doing your activities can be so detrimental to your well-being! Even now I’m still figuring out how to respond to my body appropriately; to be safest I have rested for the last few days (I have had some horrible headaches for the last few weeks that seem to be getting worse – I’m having further investigations at the moment). But am starting to feel to rest of my body beginning to suffer, so I know that even though my headache is still there it's time to get back into exercising for the sake of the rest of my body. If my head will hurt whether I exercise or not, I may as well look after the rest of my body & exercise!