How I Juice

Since watching That Sugar Film by Damon Gameau I've changed the way that I juice. Or rather, what I juice. 

I used to juice veggies and one piece of fruit (per serving), but now I juice only the vegetables not the fruit. Instead, I mix a piece of fruit up in a blender and add it to my veggie juice.


The sugars in fruit are encased in fibre, which helps to regulate and slow down their absorption rate. Removing the fibre (i.e. by juicing) means that the sugars contained within fruit are no longer regulated (read more in the link I've posted below)

I still like to have a morning vegetable / green juice (I find it gives me more energy) but I add my fruit by blending it up to keep in the fibre. It also gives it a nice texture. Also the fibre is what tells us that we are full, so be eliminating this we are able to ingest a lot more of the sugars in fruit and not get full! Another reason I like adding blended fruit to my juice :)

Damon Gameau (That Sugar Film) and Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar) explain it much better than I do, so here's a few links that are definitely worth the read: 

and I definitely reccommend watching That Sugar Film!