Insight into my invisible fight

This week is invisible illness awareness week, and also happens to mark 1 year since I started my blog (happy coincidence!). I usually make sure that my blog posts have a more positive slant than this, but I wanted to give an insight into my invisible flight and to raise awareness of invisible illnesses. I wrote this poem years ago, when my pain was dominating my life. It took so many things from me, it made me give so many things up and it made me change who I was. But over time I’ve been able to rebuild my life and improve my health. I have good days and bad days, but I live a wonderful life and have come so far from where I was four and a half years ago. Please when you read this remember that I am no longer as limited by my pain as I once was, and I am thankful for this everyday.


A glistening tear,

a face of fear,

The familiar thought, ‘how did I get here?’


The sinking stones,

embedded in your bones,

The lingering thought that nobody knows


To mask the pain,

you hide from the day

as it makes sure no part of you gets away


The hurt you feel,

because it’s become too real

along with the inability to heal


By the time you break,

there’s almost nothing left to take,

It’s been such a slow suffered mistake.


All information is copywrited 2015 to Jessica Birt. 

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