Make it easy, make it daily.

I’ve been finding that when my life gets busy (like at the moment as my uni workload increases) my exercise routine drops. I mostly count going to the gym as my main source of exercise, but the thing is that going to the gym more often than twice a week is just doesn’t fit naturally into my schedule. It’s not convienient and by that I mean it takes me 30 minutes of travel time (15 there and back), and because of that it is often one of the first things I cut when I need more time in my day to study etc.

So recently I’ve changed my exercise routing slightly so that my daily exercise is going for a walk in the morning with my dog, and then a short run after. This fits convieniently and naturally in to my day/schedule, so even when I am busy, exhausted, or having a pain flair up, it takes less motivation to exercise because doing it is just so easy & convienient.

This isn’t to say that I’ve stopped going to the gym completely, only that I’ve made it so that my fitness and exercise doesn’t solely rely on how often I can get to the gym. That way, when I go twice a week I can go when it naturally fits into my schedule. It’s not forced and stressful because I’m trying to fit it into an already busy day. So I enjoy it more, and that’s important because if you don’t enjoy exercising you won’t be as inclined or motivated to go the next time.

So my new little saying is “make it easy, make it daily”. To me this means that if you want to fit it in daily even when you’re busy or sore, make it convienient. Make it so that you’re not going out of your way to exercise because chances are that if that’s the case, you’ll do it less often than if it fits naturally in to your day.