My Shopping System

For about a year now, I have been doing the weekly grocery shopping for my family, and have got quite a good system going.

Each week I order the household, pantry & dairy supplies online to be delivered to save time and energy, but I get the fruit & veg fresh (plus anything else I can’t get through the online shopping). 

I have recently started going to a store that has half organic produce and half non-organic – I initially go to the organic side and get what I can, but whatever they don’t have / is too expensive I get from the non-organic side. For me, I think that trying to eat as clean & uncontaminated as possible is important, but I also find that often it isn’t always realistic to 

be able to do that all the time. So I try to get organic things when I can.

I usually do this every Wednesday (I pre-order the online shopping to arrive then too) so that there is still just one shopping day. I actually look forward to it because I enjoy being able to pick what we have in the pantry & choose the ingredients I want to use in recipes this week. Also because I am quite food-fussy with all my intolerances, I feel better being in control rather than handing that over to someone else. Yes, I am a control-freak-foodie!