Nothing like some chronic illness humour to brighten your day

I find talking with people who deal with similar health issues to me really therapeutic. I also know that talking about it other people can harder and a bit depressing (for lack of a better word) – it puts a dampener on the conversation. It's hard to try make people understanding without sounding really depressing. So doesn't always leave you feeling good. 

What I like about chronic illness humour is that it makes brings light to a dark situation. With invisible illnesses, or any illness for that matter, it often feels like no one really ‘gets it’. And that’s a really upsetting and frustrating feeling. That is why I like these chronic illness humour pages – they talk about things that you feel everyday, about things like getting pain from the smallest things, or fatigue so bad that (my favourite quote to explain what my fatigue feels like) “it’s like lying down and still feeling like you’re going to collapse” - anon. But it’s in a light hearted way, and leaves you feeling more cheerful (it does for me anyway).

When a friend sent me this link, I sat there for like half an hour laughing my butt off and re-reading the page. So please, have a look – it could quite possibly make your day (I know it made mine). (my favourites are number 6, 14 and 16, but god theyr'e all good!)

Also, If you find any of these sorts of things please share them with me! 

Have a wonderful week everyone, xxx