I’ve been finding that when my life gets busy (like at the moment as my uni workload increases) my exercise routine drops. I mostly count going to the gym as my main source of exercise, but the thing is that going to the gym more often than twice a week is just doesn’t fit naturally into my schedule.

I’ve been feeling really unwell the last few weeks, and as a result my exercise routine has suffered. To motivate myself to get back into it I used my lorna jane gift voucher my wonderful sister got me for my birthday! Here’s my work out clothes all set for this evenings work out. I layed my exercise clothes out so that I would be so temped to wear them it would just give me that little kick to get out and exercise.

I am all for the little things that make the big things easier. Especially when it comes to exercise. One of my most recent discoveries is that after sorting out my room and putting all my exercise equipment in a box, it became a little bit easier to get out of bed in he morning and do my exercises. Sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest difference.

One thing that I’ve realized lately is that life will always get busy and things will always get in the way. And there will always be a reason not to do the things you know you should. But if those things are important to you, you need to make time to do them.